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Gifts for a Baby Girl

This baby shower was scheduled a couple months ago. I was busy with the St Patrick's Day door hanger and the Easter Bunny door hanger, I thought I would have enough time to make the blanket and the bunny outfit after completing those. I didn't factor in the time it took to fix the mistakes… Continue reading Gifts for a Baby Girl

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Infant Bee Hat and Diaper Cover

This was my second baby crochet project. Not surprisingly, I found this pattern on  Repeat Crafter Me.  Instead of making a Tushie cover, I did a diaper cover.  I made these a month before my son was born.I put the costume on him after he arrived.  He didn't seem to mind.He was too tired to struggle.… Continue reading Infant Bee Hat and Diaper Cover

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Crochet Baby Aviator Hat

This was the first crochet project I made for my son while I was seven months pregnant. I hadn't touched my crochet hook in ten years. I had to relearn all the crochet lingos and refresh myself with some crochet techniques on YouTube. I hadn't able to stop crochet or knit since this hat. This… Continue reading Crochet Baby Aviator Hat

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Crochet Sunglasses Case

I thought of this sunglasses case while I saw someone just hanging their sunglasses off their purse.  I was so excited I finally designed something myself instead of following patterns.Case pattern: Chain 16 Single crochet 2nd loop from hook, all the way across (15 stitches) Single crochet 9 rows for each color. The belt: Chain… Continue reading Crochet Sunglasses Case