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CoCo Pearl & Wine Top (Pattern Inside)

Here's the pattern. Make 2 of the following in two different colors. Materials: 2 skeins of We Are Knitters Cotton (1 skein of color Wine, and 1 skein of color Pearl) This is size small. Working from bottom up.  I used garter stitch for this top, which means purl all rows. Cast on 120 st.… Continue reading CoCo Pearl & Wine Top (Pattern Inside)

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WAK Whitney Cardigan

I started trying We Are Knitters products about a year ago. This Whitney Cardigan looked so interesting. I couldn't resist to get my hands on it. Plus, knitting with those huge needles looked really fun. Unfortunately, the cardigan was too big on me. One day, I thought I could just make this into a short… Continue reading WAK Whitney Cardigan