How I got started?

I started crocheting and knitting in high school. Thanks to my dear friend, Kate, who introduced this amazing hobby to me. Then I went to college and kind of forgot about this whole thing. Until, I was pregnant with my son. I wanted to make a baby aviator hat. Then I wanted to make a bee hat and diaper cover, a lion hat, baby boots…my interests in knitting and crochet started all over again and it hasn’t stopped. I love learning new techniques, trying different kinds of yarn, sharing my failed and success projects. I hope I get to share some of my own designs in the near future.

Aside from knitting…

I have a full time job. I have a three-year old son.  As of May 2019, I’m also a full time Master of Public Administration (MPA) student.  As you can imagine, my full time job takes up most of my day time. My son takes up most of my night time. So, I like to kill as many birds with one stone (I really don’t like that expression. Also don’t like many ways to skin a cat. These are terrible sayings.) I incorporate my work out with commuting. I ride my bike to work when weather permitting, which means 300 days in Colorado. Part of my biking commute involves riding the bus. I love listening to audio books when biking and on bus. I need to catch up on so many “readings”. And of course, I knit on the bus while listening to audio books. It’s really the best combination.

I also love rock climbing.  But due to busy schedule and lacking a belay partner, climbing is on hold for now.  I really look forward getting back someday.

Lastly, I really liked food and to talk about food. But, I really hate the word “foodie”. Why do we have to label everything???