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Jolies Fleurs V Neck by Jill Karina

Size: 39.5

Yarn: Knerd String 4-ply Fingering (MC in Peach, CC in Uniform)

Modification: None

I had the honor to test knit for Jill’s newest release: Jolies Fleurs V Neck. The original version of the design was a round neck, top down design. In this v neck version, it was knitted from the bottom up.

There are a few elements in this design that are different from the last version. One being the ribbing. Jill incorporated bobbles to give the ribbing more definition. The ribbing was probably the hardest thing to knit because of the bobbles 😛

Then the main body. I love knitting colorwork. This part was really fun for me. These flowers were such a fun design. When I first laid eye on the round neck version, I immediately put it on my Ravelry queue. Perhaps it was meant to be, I stumbled across this test knit opportunity. I knew I had to set everything else aside and jump on this.

Comparing the two versions, I preferred a V neck for a change. Once I got through the color work, the rest of the back and the front was a real quick stockinette knit.

The sleeves felt like they took the longest, because there are no gradual decreases. In order to create the balloon effect, you knit the same numbers of stitches almost the entire way and drastically decrease in the last two rows before knitting the cuffs. But it was all worth it! I love the lace detail.

I used 3 skeins plus a mini in Peach for the main color. The mini was slightly different than the full skein. If I had the time, I would have blended the mini skein in instead of using it till I ran out. I love this Knerd String yarn. It feels like I can wear this in the summer and it won’t be too hot.

Here’s a little Q&A from Jill:

  • Tell us about yourself
    • My name is Jill Karina Bø, I’m married and have 3 kids. I am disabled from “normal” work because of my chronic illness, chronic muscle pain 24/7 (diagnosed with fibromyalgia and fatigue). Knitting gives me so much joy! The knitting community, and the joy of making something is the best! It also gives me something other to focus on rather than my illness.
  • When and how did you learn about knitting?
    • I grew up in a knitting family, my mom, all of my aunts, my Grandma, and even my Grandpa are/were all knitters. My aunt is a designer for the big Norwegian company “Sandnes Garn” too. I was never interested to learn though.. It wasn’t until I got pregnant for the second time I decided NOW is the time to learn this thing! My husband actually had to teach me how to cast on, and how to knit in the round. Haha! He remembered from school. All the rest I’ve learned from YouTube. Of Course, I could have asked my mom and aunts for help, but I wanted to do it by myself. After a couple of years I started designing my own things, and now I just can’t stop.
  • How did you come up with the Jolies Fleurs design pattern?
    • I don’t really have an exact way to explain how I came up with this design pattern, I just started drawing what popped up in my head.. Sometimes I lose sleep over all the new ideas popping in my head. XD
  • What are some of the challenges you encountered while putting together this pattern?
    • I think the biggest challenges were how to adjust the v-neck for all sizes, and how to explain the placement of the lace pattern on the sleeves.
  • What are you working on next?
    • I think there might be a fun and flirty summer top coming. Also some free patterns of small accessories are coming.;) But I am actually planning to take it a bit slow this year. I have so many patterns by other great designers I also want to knit. 

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