Sewing, With Fabric

Fremont Tote by Klum House

I fell in love making bags after completing Klum House’s Slabtown.  I quickly ordered the Fremont Maker’s Kit with natural as the main fabric and berry as the accent fabric.  I didn’t have to order additional tools this time.

It took me around three hours to make this bag.  Compared to Slabtown, this one was a breeze.

Sewn the top pockets to main fabric.
Sewn the liner to the exterior.
About to turn this right side out.
Right side out back view.
Right side out front view. Next step is to stuff the liner to inside the bag.
Tah-Dah! Easy-Peasy.

Put on all the hardware next. Now you have a Fremont Tote.

I’m slowing starting a Klum House bag collection in berry.

Happy sewing!

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