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Snøfrost Jumper by the petite knitter

I was so honored to test knit for the petite knitter’s new jumper: Snøfrost. This was my first time test knit. I knitted in size XS instead of S because I desperately wanted to test knit. I was a little worry it won’t fit me. It turned out fitting pretty well. I just can’t gain any weight. ;P

This pattern is really fun to knit. I love color work. With a lot of other patterns, color work is only during the yoke portion and the rest of the sweaters was stockinette stitch.

The yarn I used this time was Genmou Daruma in Almond and Ginger. This is the first time I use this brand and I really like how it turn out. Really soft during making of the sweater and after when it’s completed. I found that many yarn are soft when in the skein, but after it’s in a sweater form it becomes stiff. The price was also very reasonable. $12/skein.

I used a little over 4 skeins for the MC and 1.5 skeins for CC. I made the matching hat with the rest and I used up all the MC and had a small leftover of CC. If you want to maximize your yarn usage, make the hat to go with the sweater!

I learned a couple knitting technique during testing for this sweater. First was tubular cast on and cast off. This technique takes a bit longer than long tail cast on. However, I found it super fun. I even forgot how to cast on with the long tail method for the hat. 😛 The second thing I learned was how to join sleeves knitting bottom-up and knit the yoke together. When I used to knit bottom-up, I usually knit the body from bottom to neck and sleeves separately, then join the three together. The assembling instruction for this pattern was something new to me. I found it hard to gauge how much yarn I would need if I want to do some modification, i.e. add longer body length. Top-down is still my favorite knitting method.

So there it is! The Snøfrost outfit set! Hope you’ll try it out. Happy knitting!

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