Wiksten Shift Dress

I have been seeing many pictures of the Wiksten Shift Dress on Instagram.  So I thought I can give it a try since it has been a while since the last time I sewn.

Because I don’t have much experience in sewing, I thought I would do a test run with the short version and a lower end fabric.  This would be the second dress I made on my own.  I used Neon Neppy by Robert Kaufman in Denim.  It’s a quilting cotton, $10/yard at Fancy Tiger.  So some ironing is required after each wash.

According to the measurement, I should be making a size 2.  I don’t think I cut the fabric right. So I ended up making a slightly smaller than a size 0.  As you can see at the picture below, my back gathering is off center.  Overall, I thought this ended up looking like a patient’s gown so I accessorized with a belt.  Because of the stiffness of the quilting cotton, the sizing down turned out quite form fitting for me.


With the long dress version, I made it size 2 again.  This time I used Bouquet Burst by Cotton + Steal (designed by Oka Emi).  This is 100% rayon.  This fabric drapes very nicely, it isn’t as big of a deal if it’s a little too big.

I am pretty happy how these two dresses turned out.  I don’t have much of a body shape, but this design made me look like I have a smaller waist 😛

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