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Ephemeris Wrap

I am not much of a wrap person, but I found this wrap design fascinating and wanted to make it.  One of my co-workers wears a lot of scarves and wraps.  She also wrote a recommendation for my grad school application.  I thought this would be perfect for her.

This wrap was designed by Debra Gerhard from Spruce Lane Designs.  It was published on Pompom Mag issue 23.  I used the recommended yarn from Hedge Hog Fiber.  One skein each for two colors.

This wrap is broken into six sections with three knitting patterns: garter stitch, mosaic, and slip stitch.

Section one: garter stitch with color A
Section two: mosaic                                    Section three and four: slip stitch                  Section five: mosaic
Close up look of slip stitch
Section five: mosaic                                    Section six: garter stitch with color B

I made a mistake in section five.  I didn’t pay attention to where to start again.  So I ended up with repeating mosaic section three times.  I also ran out of yarn to make section six.  So section six turned out shorter than it supposed to be.  This wrap didn’t turn out evenly.  It wouldn’t line up if I fold it in half.

And, for the first time, I blocked!  I couldn’t believe how much nicer the yarn feels after it was blocked.  It’s a hassle that’s worth it.

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