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Pearl Vest (Pattern Inside)

A while ago, I ordered We Are Knitters Whitney Cardigan kit.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like how over-sized it was.  I decided to make a vest cardigan out of it instead.

I’m still new to writing patterns.  If you end up trying this and something doesn’t look right, please don’t hesitant to contact me.



RS: right side

WS: wrong side

st: stitches

Back Piece:

Cast on 40 st

Row 1-5: stockenette stitch 

RS: knit 40

WS: purl 40

Row 6-33:

RS: knit 6, purl 28, knit 6

WS: purl 6, knit 28, purl 6

Row 34-38:

RS: knit 40

WS: purl 40

Cast off all st.

Front Piece:

Cast on 40 st.

Row 1-5: stockenette stitch

RS: knit 40 st

WS: purl 40 st

Row 6-25:

RS: knit 6, purl 28, knit 6

WS: purl 6, knit 28, purl 6

Row 26-38 right shoulder:

Row 26: work the first half st as follow, I used # as numbers of stitches because it changes every row due to p2tog or k2tog

RS: knit 6, purl # st till 6 st left, p2tog, knit 4, turn

WS: purl 4, k2tog, knit # st till 6 st left, purl 6, turn

Cast off all st.

Row 26-38 left shoulder:

Repeat above steps for right shoulder.

Sew front and back together leaving enough room for armholes.

I can’t remember how many skeins I used for this vest.  I’m guessing about two and a half skeins.  The Whitney Cardigan came with seven skeins of wool.  I used most of the skeins for the modified Whitney Cardigan, Pearl White Fuzzy Beanie, Aster Flower Cowl, and this vest.

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