Pearl Dress from Green Bee Pattern

This was the first dress I sewed on my own.  It was quite intimidating.  I took it one step at a time.  First, cut out all the pieces.  Then sewed the pockets, the body pieces.  Took a break.  Then sleeves, neck lines, etc.  The most frustrating part of this dress was the plaid fabric.  I had such a hard time matching the front body piece and the back body piece exactly.  I should have paid more attention when cutting the fabric.  Lesson learned.

Loopy Mango had a trunk show at Fancy Tiger Crafts back in October.  I bought a bunch of yarn to make their Aster Flower Scarf and their Slouchy PomPom Beanie to go with the dress.  Unfortunately, like the Fen dress, I need to iron it every wash.  I feel so proud wearing my all handmade outfit!

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