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Bormio Sweater from WAK

This was one of the kits I wanted really bad from We Are Knitters.  The cable looked so interesting.  This was rated as Advanced.  It looked intimidating.  But once I got a hang of it, it wasn’t that difficult.  I thought I was a genius when I used the stitch marker as cable needle.

I did make a few mistakes.  One of the rows, I twisted the cable twice instead of once.  I didn’t go back and fix it. There was another time I didn’t twist the cable at all and didn’t realize it after two full sets had past.  I had to undo that whole two sets.

Overall, I would like to make this sweater a little bigger and longer sleeves.  This yarn is so soft.  100% alpaca.  I am waiting to see how this will turn out after wash.  I talked to a yarn shop owner once she said 100% alpaca usually doesn’t hold up.  I hope she’s wrong.  It will really suck when you find something you like and doesn’t work out for one way or another.

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