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Portugal Vacation Day 5-Lisbon

I’m skipping Day 4 for the next post.

On this day, we toured a little bit of Lisbon.  We took the train from Sintra to Lisbon, got off at Rossio train station.  Then we started walking towards Sao Jorge Castle.  

Rossio train station

Walking through touristy streets of Lisbon, reminded me of all the other touristy parts of Buenos Aires and Barcelona.  Street performers, Portugal paintings, trinkets and knick-knacks for sale.  

After touring castles and palaces in Sintra, Sao Jorge seemed underwhelming.  The overlook of Lisbon and the sea was magnificent, with all the densely put together red roofs. 

Sao Jorge Castle
Archaeology site in Sao Jorge castle
Praca do Comercio  with Rua Augusta Arch in the background
Sand sculpture across the street from Praca do Comercio

At the end of the day, we took a class on how to make pasteis de nata from Pastelaria Batalha.  It was really fun and interactive.  We got to take three pasteis de nata home.

Just before we went to the pastie de nata class, we walked passed a band of street artists by the Statute of Antonio Ribeiro.  The lead’s name was Tyler Faraday.  They were so good that it drew quite a crowd.  They were still playing by the time we got out of the class.  Check them out if you happen to be in Lisbon!

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