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Sky Color Block Top (Pattern Inside)

There was a sale on Loopy Mango.  So I got a white and blue cones of their cotton yarn.  I’m so in love their their cotton yarn.  I wanted to buy all the colors.  Unfortunately, they are kind of pricey.  I’ll have to buy a few at a time. Two things I hate the most about knitting: sewing pieces together and weave in ends.  Unfortunately, there was no way around not making front and back separately. At least I couldn’t figure out a way to avoid making them separately. Pattern: For majority of this pattern, I used the Moss Stitch from Yarnspirations’ Cocoon Cardigan. However, as always, I started with a 2×2 ribbing.
Switch Stitch: move blue st to right needle, move white working yarn to behind, put blue st back to left needle, k1
Color A: Blue; Color B: White Cast on 38 Row 1&2: 2×2 ribbing with A Row 3&4: 2×2 ribbing with B Row 5&6: 2×2 ribbing with A Beginning knitting with Moss St. We’ll restart the row count. Row 1/Odd row: with B, p1(#), with A, p1, *k2, p2, repeat * to end, turn Row 2/Even row: with A,* k2, p2, repeat * till 2(#) st left, use switch stitch to switch back to color B and k2, turn In order to get the diagonal color block, purl with B in odd row and numbers of stitches left in even row will change.  I put “(#)” to indicate the number before will change according to the row you are in. For example, Row 3, with B, will be p3, then with A, p2, *k2, p2, repeat * to end, turn Row 4, with A, *k2, p2, repeat * till 4 st left, use switch stitch to switch back to color B and k2, turn Repeat the above steps till row 36. Row 37: p2, k2tog twice, k2, *p2, k2, repeat * to last 6 st, k2tog twice, p2 Row 38: k2, p4, *k2, p2, repeat * to last 6 st, p4, k2 Row 39: k2, p2tog twice, *k2,p2, repeat * till last 6 st, p2tog twice, k2 Row 40: *p2, k4,*p2,k2, repeat *to last 6 st, k2, p2 Repeat the above four rows till 30 st left. Cast off. Make two and sew two piece together.

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