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Sea Breeze from Universal Yarn

This is my first purchased pattern.  This pattern was from Universal Yarn.  I tried to follow the pattern many times and I didn’t get it how it meant to be.  So I changed the pattern on row 5.  I moved the * to after k4.  So instead of k1, *k4, [k2tog]twice, it’s k5,*[k2tog]twice.  The rest of row 5 stayed as is.  Row 6, I changed to p5, *p2tog-b, rest of row 6 stayed as is.

Stitches I learned from this pattern: Mock Twist Stitch.  That’s how the infinite diagonal knit stitch appears.

I don’t know if it was because the yarn I used was different than recommended.  I only repeated the pattern stitch 11 times instead of 13 times and got to the recommended length.

I bought four skeins of We Are Knitters cotton.  I only used three skeins.  I was thinking maybe I could turn this into a dress with the fourth skein.  There are too many projects waiting for me to finish.  Maybe sometime in the future.

I uploaded a video on how to make the I-cord with my interchangeable needles on YouTube.  I was just about to go out to buy a pair of double sided needles and decided these would work as well.


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