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CoCo Pearl & Wine Top (Pattern Inside)

Here’s the pattern.

Make 2 of the following in two different colors.

Materials: 2 skeins of We Are Knitters Cotton (1 skein of color Wine, and 1 skein of color Pearl)

This is size small.

Working from bottom up.  I used garter stitch for this top, which means purl all rows.

Cast on 120 st.

Row 1: purl all st (120 st), turn

Row 2: purl all st (120 st), turn

Row 3: P2, p2tog, p across till last 4 st, p2tog, p2 (118 st)

Row 4: Purl all st (118 st)

Repeat the row 3 and row 4 till there’re 50 st left on needle.

Now begin to purl one side of shoulder:

Row 1*: P2, p2tog, p17, p2tog, p2 (23 st, leave the remaining 25 st on knitting needle)

Row 2*: Purl all st

Repeat the last two rows till 5 st remaining. Cast off all st.

The other side of shoulder:

Pick up the remaining 25 st and repeat row 1* and 2* till 5 st remaining, cast off all st.

Side 1

After completing two pieces, I sewed the bottom of Pearl and Wine together.  I folded Pearl in half (or count 60 st from one end) and sewed the Wine’s end to Pearl’s middle.  Work my way across till Pearl’s end meets Wine’s middle.  As you can see the “front”, I have Wine in front of Pearl, and the “back”, I have Pearl in front of Wine.  Once Pearl’s end meets Wine’s middle, put the other end of Pearl in front of Wine’s middle. Continue to sew across till the end and weave in ends.

I envisioned the top looked something like the picture below.  I was hoping it wouldn’t sag so much that I have to wear a tank top underneath.  Anyway, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy knitting!

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