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This is the second blanket I made in my life. I’ve learned that knitting a blanket is a roller coaster of emotions. I started out really excited during my first skein of yarn. As the pattern gets more repetitive, I felt draining and see no end of it. When I’m finally near the end, I saw the end of the tunnel and got excited again. I feel proud seeing my completed project as part of my home decor.

The thing I learned in the project was to knit five stitches together and create five more. Yarnspirations has a tutorial on how to make this whole blanket on YouTube. I uploaded a short version with just K5Tog and the Kfbfbf on YouTube.

The mistake I made during this project was when I got too comfortable with the pattern, I didn’t pay attention to the right side versus the wrong side, or the knit side versus the purl side. I didn’t notice I was knitting the purl side till several rows have passed. I debated if I should moved forward or undo the few rows. The uptight part of me chose the latter. I knew that would bug me. I learned to pay more attention with the right side and wrong side.

This blanket was quite fun the make. It did seem long going through five skeins of yarn. Luckily I’m only 5’4″. Using four skeins of the Bernat blanket were enough. I was most excited about the slip stitching the blanket. I really liked seeing the contrast between the white and the blue as I progressed. My hot pink crochet hook definitely added to the excitement.

The last mile of this blanket were the tassels. Making 30 of them and attaching them took quite a bit of time and patients. The thing kept me going was my son kept calling the tassels octopus and calling the blanket pretty. If you would like to share your project with me, please #knititch or #knitching on Instagram.

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