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WAK Coleen Sweater

I got this kit when it was 40% off. Since I had never tried the meripaca from We Are Knitters, I thought I would give it a shot. Plus, I wanted to learn how to make the twisty pattern and how to knit the shape of the sleeves. When I got the kit, I couldn’t believe how soft the meripaca wool was. I couldn’t resist and immediately started knitting. This was my commute project. It was light weight and compact, unlike my blanket project.

This was rated as advanced level by WAK. I enjoyed learning how to knit cable left and cable right. The only thing I wish I would have done differently was using circular needles instead of straight needles. Because I was slowly realizing how much I hate sewing pieces together. And, I always sew the sleeves inside out. I think I also prefer seamless.

It has been hot in Denver. I can’t believe how many 90F days we have already. I can’t wait till winter comes so I can wear this piece.

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