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WAK Bossa Nova Sweater

This Bossa Nova sweater was really fun to make. I really liked We Are Knitters cotton yarn. It felt really nice on my skin. I completed the front and back last July. I really liked how it was without the sleeves. I needed a project for my commute. I decided to complete the sleeves.

To me, the most difficult part of being a blogger is the pictures. I’ve trying to figure out how to take better pictures/selfies. A lot of times with completed clothing pieces, I would go to the park during lunch hours and take selfies. I can’t decide if it’s more embarrassing to have ask a co-worker to take pictures for me, or doing selfies in the park. So far, I have been doing the latter. It is really difficult because I had to find the right angle, right lighting, and try to post not so awkwardly. Anyway, it’s all part of learning and part of the fun!

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