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Gifts for a Baby Girl

This baby shower was scheduled a couple months ago. I was busy with the St Patrick’s Day door hanger and the Easter Bunny door hanger, I thought I would have enough time to make the blanket and the bunny outfit after completing those. I didn’t factor in the time it took to fix the mistakes I made. I barely completed the daisy blanket and the bunny outfit in time for the shower.

I found both of the pattern on Repeat Crafter Me. The only thing I did differently was the border. I used shell border from Craftsy.

I have seen quite a few picture split on Instagram and I thought this would be perfect for it. I downloaded the app called 9cut. Instructions were very straight forward.

Here’s the bunny hat and diaper cover from Repeat Crafter Me. I didn’t have time to do the eyes, nose, and the lips. So I just left it how it is.

I can’t say enough how happy I felt when I got these done in time and how great they turned out. It had been an intense week stressing out not being able to complete it in time. Now I can go back to knitting and relax.

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