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Prince of All Cosmos Crochet Baby Hat

After I finished the aviator hat and the bee hat and diaper cover set, my husband jokingly suggested I should make a Price of All Cosmos hat for our son.  I had no idea what it was.  I looked it up online and apparently it was a video game character.  Since I was still new to crochet, I had no idea how to make this.  Luckily, I FOUND A PATTERN from Itchy Stichy.  I followed the instructions and it looked much bigger on her blog than the one I made.  It turned out quite nicely.  It was a really fun project for a crochet beginner.  I made this before my son’s arrival.  I put it on a stuff animal to see how it looked.  The hat was meant for 3-month old.20160417_201509

When my son arrived, I tried to put it on him.  He never liked this hat. He cried every time I put it on him.pt2016_06_13_13_38_38Wasn’t that just the saddest face?20160708_153729I even made a little comic from some of these pictures.

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