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Mosaic Chevron Knit Blanket from JoAnn

My first completed project of 2018. This blanket took a little over two months to complete. I used Bernat Blanket Yarn, two skeins of each color. It turned out great!

This was a free pattern I picked up at a JoAnn store. It’s also available on their website. My needle broke while I was completing the project. I had to glue it with Krazyglu with tape for a few times. I share the same feeling with Harry Potter when his wand broke.

I can’t get enough of looking at this blanket. One of the more satisfying projects I’ve done.  It’s super warm.  It does take a while and required constant counting stitches to make sure getting the chevron pattern.


Mosaic Chevron Blanket: 5/5

Bernat Blanket Yarn: 5/5

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